Report: Energy Workforce Prioritizes Career Progression

Jan. 31, 2020
Fifty-seven percent of renewables professionals describe themselves as “very engaged” with their careers.

The newly released, fourth annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI), an energy recruitment and employment trends report, reportedly shows that petrochemicals businesses are reaping the rewards of a considered approach to culture. The report by Airswift and Energy Jobline reveals that nine in 10 petrochemicals professionals are engaged with their working lives, with the majority describing themselves as “very engaged.”

The factor most important to professionals’ engagement is the ability of their team to work well together. Fortunately, 71% of respondents are satisfied with their company’s performance on that measure, according to the report.

However, the sector cannot afford to be complacent, according to the report. The second most cited factor of professionals’ engagement is opportunities for career progression, yet only 43% are happy with the opportunities on offer and 26% are dissatisfied – a potential cause for concern.

“The petrochemicals sector is in a very strong position. Salaries are high and rising and the workforce is very engaged with the important work it is involved in,” says Janette Marx, chief executive officer at Airswift. “But it is vital that firms do not take their strength for granted. The talent market continues to get more competitive and petrochemicals professionals are not shy about switching sectors to progress their careers. Companies must make sure they provide – and publicize – exciting opportunities that can keep employees engaged over the long term.”

See the entire report here.