New Platform Connects Chemical Customers With Service Providers

Jan. 29, 2021
ChemVM Technologies, Inc. is a digital startup connecting customers with best-fit chemical toll and custom manufacturers as well as contract formulators, packagers and warehouse operators.

ChemVM Technologies, Inc., a digital startup connecting customers with best-fit chemical toll and custom manufacturers as well as contract formulators, packagers and warehouse operators, announces its online platform is out of beta and open to the public. With ChemVM, chemical customers enter their unique chemical processing and service requirements – from reactions, separations and blending to packaging, warehousing and transportation – and the company’s precise matching software dynamically displays service providers that meet the requirements as they are entered.

“At ChemVM, we’ve engineered a new, highly efficient way to connect chemical customers with ideally matched service providers,” says Michael Van Marle, founder and CEO of ChemVM. “In an industry that is on the tipping point of digital transformation, we believe our timing is perfect to bring a new way for procurement and supply chain leaders to source chemical processing services.”

ChemVM is an open platform that anyone can use free of charge. Chemical customers simply, and confidentially, enter their project requirements and the system compares this with available data from the company’s growing database of chemical service providers. Customers immediately see their top matched suppliers, which are each given a score based on how well the supplier meets the customer’s project requirements. Customers can apply a weighting to prioritize certain project requirements over others to affect the resulting scores for matched service providers, giving them full control to customize their matches. Only after they give permission, does ChemVM initiate the bidding process with those suppliers the customer chooses.

“As an executive of both major chemical companies and chemical distributors for decades, I’ve had a front row seat in watching market drivers converge on the chemical space. The idea of digital transformation in the chemical space is not new, but the user experience has still not really changed,” says Erik Viens, co-founder and director at ChemVM. “It’s time we change the way we organize and leverage knowledge across the industry and serve each customer very specifically with precisely what they need and when they need it.”

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