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What’s New(s) At Chemical Processing?

May 24, 2022
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Part of covering the chemical industry includes keeping on top of news that impacts our audience. From trends that can help facilities excel to mergers and acquisitions that can potentially impact supply chains and competitive position, we keep our ears to the ground and work to get information posted to our website and included in our enewsletters to best serve readers. (See: Industry News or sign up for the eNewsletters here.)

Sometimes you find yourself part of the news cycle. In late April, we learned the family which owns Putman Media, the publisher of Chemical Processing as well as a number of other trade magazines, sold the company to Endeavor Business Media, a large business-to-business publisher based in Nashville, Tenn. Putman Media started in 1938 by publishing its first magazine — the same one we now call Chemical Processing. It has been a small-but-mighty company filled with editors, content creators and sales staff who always roll up their sleeves to get things done. Apparently, that’s attractive to the likes of bigger publishing companies.

“We are pleased to welcome the Putman Media family to Endeavor Business Media and are excited to expand our reach in the manufacturing market with these highly respected brands and the teams who work on them,” said Chris Ferrell, CEO of Endeavor Business Media. “We are committed to growing our information and marketing solutions offerings for the engineering, automation and manufacturing professionals that Putman Media has served for the last 80 years and are honored that Endeavor has been trusted to carry these brands forward.”

“The acquisition of Putman Media by Endeavor is an exciting opportunity for these market-leading brands. Leveraging the resources, audience reach and industry expertise across Endeavor’s existing portfolio provides substantial growth opportunities so that we may continue to serve our readers and customers with the highest quality of content, information and solutions,” added John Cappelletti, now former CEO and owner of Putman Media.

This acquisition will be seamless for our audiences — it’s business as usual for us — and the future promises good things with the added resources a bigger company provides.

And speaking of good things, our Process Safety With Trish & Traci podcast has a bevy of fans. Trish Kerin, director of the IChemE Safety Centre and the “Trish” in Trish & Traci, recently presented at the Global Congress On Process Safety in Houston. She informs us that many attendees went out of their way to speak to her about the podcast and thanked her for its terrific content. We are on episode 33 and we’ve covered everything from cybersecurity issues to lessons learned from major process-safety incidents, including Fukushima, the Longford Gas Explosion, Deepwater Horizon and Chernobyl. We also discuss safety indicators, the importance of partnering with first responders and Delta HAZOP among other important topics. You can access the podcasts here: www.chemicalprocessing.com/podcast/process-safety-with-trish-and-traci or you can subscribe to them for free on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

Regardless of parent company, our aim will always remain the same: To deliver information that matters to our audience — from articles to webinars and all the news and podcasts in between.

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