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Enable Data Focus To Achieve Quality

Empower internal resources by giving them the right advanced analytics tools for their specific needs.

By Lisa J. Graham, Ph.D., P.E., CEO and Founder, Alkemy Innovation

While the definition of quality is unique for every situation, the spirit of ensuring it is universal, as is the desire to ensure a safe and effective production process. Whether responsible for a clean water process, the overall productivity of a lab or pursuing continuous improvement/manufacturing excellence — an effective data analytics solution provides a lasting foundation.

In a pharmaceutical environment, having enough data is typically not the issue. Having the right data at the right time is, as is the ability to have the best tools on hand to quickly investigate key quality metrics. It can also be a challenge to prioritize the following requirements when implementing an advanced analytics solution:

  • Easy access to old and new data sources without requiring significant IT investment
  • Simplified analysis and visualization tools to be used by the majority of the scientists and engineers
  • Flexibility to support a spectrum of model development needs without requiring IT resources
  • Centralized access to results by teams along with long-term knowledge management
  • A user-friendly utility for real-time action using boundary management and alarm notifications

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