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Process Safety Resources: Here’s a Safe Bet

You can count on finding safety-related content in Chemical Processing

By Mark Rosenzweig, Editor in Chief

This year, we’re launching something else new online.

In this month's cover story, “Process Safety: Get Ready For 10 Changes,” the article points to a significant coming transformation in how chemical manufacturers think about and implement safety. Seeing such an article in Chemical Processing shouldn’t come as a surprise. We publish more content focused on safety than any other trade magazine serving chemical engineers and the chemical industry.

Since the beginning of 2015, we have published 28 articles and columns covering aspects of safety; this includes four cover stories. That’s an average of more than one item each issue! You can see the complete list, with links to each item, here.

The roster of authors includes leading figures in the field: Vanessa Sutherland, chair of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB), John Bresland, former chair of the CSB, Trish Kerin, director of the IChemE Safety Centre, as well as many safety experts from industry such as David Grandaw of IEP Technologies, Kelly Keim of ExxonMobil, Terry Mathis of ProAct Safety, Roy Sanders (now a consultant after a long career at PPG) and John Walkington of ABB, to name a few.

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This amount of coverage isn’t the result of an onslaught of unsolicited contributions. Our attention to safety is deliberate and long-standing. We conscientiously cultivate such content and, indeed, devote considerable effort to persuading and then prodding would-be authors.

Testifying to our commitment, three members of the Chemical Processing Editorial Board (Vic Edwards, now a consultant after a long career at engineering companies, Fred Gregory of Lubrizol and Roy Sanders) have extensive experience and expertise in this area, and CP is the media sponsor of the renowned Mary K. O’Connor Process Safety Center International Symposium. (For information on the 2017 International Symposium, to be held October 24–26 in College Station, Texas, see:

Recently, we’ve put significant effort into enhancing the online resources we provide you. CP long has offered free webinars on a variety of safety-related topics and many of these remain available on demand. For instance, you can access the 2016 webinars here. We will continue to provide such resources — but also are doing some new things.

Last November, we inaugurated our first roundtable. It covered combustible dust control. The event brought together experts from three vendors — Jason Krbec of CV Technology, Bruce McLelland of Fike and Gerd Mayer of Rembe — and was moderated by Guy Colonna of the National Fire Protection Association. In this panel discussion, experts answered questions posed by Colonna as well as emailed in by attendees. Hear it on-demand. We are planning another such roundtable on September 21st.

This year, we’re launching something else new online. Sam Mannan, director of the Mary K. O’Connor Process Safety Center and regents professor at Texas A&M University, is hosting a series of four process-safety sessions. The first event takes place on February 16th and is titled “Leadership in Process Safety.” Click here for more details.

For information on our entire slate of 2017 webinars, check:

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