Gather Inspiration Via Blogs And Podcasts

Offbeat topics and quick insights can prove valuable

By Traci Purdum, Senior Digital Editor

Looking at things from a different perspective often can lead you to discover new connections. One of the intentions of the “Chemical Reactions” blog is to stay on topic enough to make sense for the Chemical Processing audience but stray just enough to hopefully spark inspiration. In addition, our podcasts tackle quick-hit issues and uncover challenges and successes aimed at inspiring listeners to take action.

Looking at things from a different perspective forces you to discover new connections.

Some recent blogs that prove popular with readers include:

Hungry Caterpillars Could Eliminate Plastic Waste — Researchers discovered that 100 worms can devour 92 milligrams of polyethylene in as little as 12 hours. 

Cheers for Tequila’s Contribution to Sustainability — Ford and Jose Cuervo forged a partnership to use agave fibers for bioplastics suitable for certain car parts. 

Serendipity Spurs Discovery — A lot of things we benefit from today were discovered by accident. 

What do Oktoberfest, Leidenfrost Effect and Heat Exchangers Have in Common? — If heat exchangers get too hot, the Leidenfrost effect will make them less efficient. 

Kids Solve Global Issues, Slay Science Challenge — 3M and Discovery Education announced the ten finalists for the 2017 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. 

Also check out some older blogs that you might find interesting:

Recycled Cheer — Brewing Beer from Wastewater — WateReuse issued a challenge to Florida homebrewers: turn recycled water into beer. 

How To Un-Boil an Egg and the Consequences of Intense Kissing — The 2015 Ig Nobel awards included the Chemistry Prize, which was a chemical recipe to partially un-boil an egg. 

Ants Act as Liquids and Solids — A group of researchers from Georgia Tech probed the mechanical properties of fire ant aggregations. 

Our “Minute Clinic” podcasts, which cover more conventional topics, also may give you insights. Some popular ones include:

In Search of Operational Excellence — To attain continuous improvement you must achieve operational excellence. 

What Can You Learn from Leap Frog? — To better manage changes, gain financial and organizational flexibility, improve productivity and enhance client relationships, take a cue from the classic schoolyard game, leap frog. 

From Lab Scale to Plant Scale — Simulation aids scale-up by showing how the scaled-up system would behave based on expected outcomes from the process.

Font Size Matters — Address font size issues to improve alarm management.

Low-Cost Ways to Improve Operator Decision-Making — Errors occur because operators misdiagnose events. This podcast answers why they are coming to the wrong conclusions and how you can turn it around via a few easy methods.

While inspiration can come from unlikely places, we house ours in specific areas. You can access all of the Chemical Reaction blogs here: And the podcasts can be found here:

Traci-bio-photo.jpgTraci Purdum is Chemical Processing's senior digital editor. You can email her at

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