Did a Chemical Processing Columnist Already Cover That?

Our archive of past columns contains a wealth of real-world expertise.

By Traci Purdum, senior digital editor

Each month Chemical Processing features a variety of columns that provide hands-on help and valuable insights. So, when you’re grappling with an issue, check CP’s online archives — you may well find a past column that applies. You can access all of these via chemicalprocessing.com/columns-and-blogs. The beauty of this area is its ready access to the entire roster of such contributions, several of which include more than 100 entries:

Gain ready access to the entire catalog of columns.

Field Notes, in which Dirk Willard, a veteran engineer, offers practical guidance about design and operational issues. Most-recent topics include: fume control, pipe specifications, worker safety, ethics and workload. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/field-notes/

Energy Saver, by Riyaz Papar, a long-time consultant, focuses on how plants can improve their efficiency in using heat, electricity and other key utilities. You’ll also have access to columns from Papar’s predecessors. Most-recent topics include: refrigeration systems, steam traps, cooling towers, cogeneration, insulation and adjustable speed drives.
Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/energy-saver/

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Compliance Advisor features reports from Lynn Bergeson, a Washington lawyer specializing in regulations affecting the chemical industry and their implications. Most-recent topics include: chemical regulation, biodegradable materials, hazardous waste rules, chemical screening tests and TSCA reform. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/compliance-advisor/

Plant Insites, in which Andrew Sloley, an experienced practitioner, provides real-world pointers for troubleshooting specific plant problems. Most-recent topics include: nozzle nightmares, sidestripper control, flow systems, pump inlet velocity, pumps, and turnarounds. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/plant-insites/

Solid Advice, a new, every-other-month column where Tom Blackwood, a seasoned specialist, shares insights about dealing with powders and other solids. Most-recent topics of this new column include: fluidization and solving solids processing conundrums. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/solid-advice/

In addition, each issue features commentaries on broader issues facing the chemical industry:

From the Editor column offers Mark Rosenzweig’s opinions on a broad range of topics related to the chemical industry — economic, technical, professional and more — gleaned from his decades of involvement with the industry and his extensive contacts. Most-recent topics include: whistleblowing, job growth, science at play, plant security and safer chemistry. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/from-the-editor/

End Point provides a forum for Sean Ottewell, our editor-at-large based in Ireland, to offer his take on international developments and issues. Most-recent topics include: converting process gases, biomimetic membranes, methane cracking, biomass catalysis, biodiesel production and wastewater treatment. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/ottewell/

The archive also contains tips from a department very focused on real-world issues:

Process Puzzler lets readers pose problems and presents advice from other readers on how to deal with them. Most-recent topics include: pressure drop, baghouse binding, flow, chlorinated byproducts, ill-advised process changes and brownouts. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/process-puzzler

In addition, you can track the state of the economy:

Economic Snapshot offers a quick overview of how the U.S. chemical industry and the overall U.S. economy are doing. Each month it tracks two chemical-industry-specific indicators: shipments and capacity utilization. It also includes data on the Chemical Activity Barometer, which is an important leading indicator for the overall American economy. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/economic-snapshot/

You’ll also find web-exclusive departments including:

Chemical Reaction Blog, in which Senior Digital Editor Traci Purdum puts a fun spin on chemical industry news and events in her sometimes snarky but always on-topic blog. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/blogs/chemical-reaction/

Automation Strategies features the insights of ARC Advisory Group experts on the latest ways automation can reduce costs, improve efficiency and address challenges to help plants become as economically competitive as possible. Direct link: chemicalprocessing.com/voices/online-only/

Traci-bio-photo.jpgTraci Purdum is Chemical Processing's senior digital editor. You can email her at tpurdum@putman.net.

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