Process Engineering: Exclusive Diamondback Technology content

Diamondback Technology is an exclusive contributor to Its contributions can be accessed via or via our monthly Powder Handling Insider newsletter.

Diamondback Technology™ manufactures products in the bulk solids handling industry. It has been in operation for more than 30 years.

Its exclusive contributions are listed below:

Learning air injection techniques for fine powders
Fine powders often need air injection to increase flow rates to an acceptable level. With entrained or injected air, powders flow like water, but when deaerated, the extremely low flow rate may be confused with a hang-up or arching condition.
Understanding ratholes
Diamondback Technology supplies with this exclusive piece on rathole formation in plant hoppers.
Test for success
The best hopper is the least expensive one that consistently provides the required solids flow. A few simple indices can pinpoint potential solids flow problems and help optimize design.
Unlock Better Blending
Use this four-step approach to troubleshoot demixing problems in blenders
Understanding and preventing fine powder flushing
This nine-page whitepaper discusses the sources of powder flooding, the dangers it can pose to your equipment and the steps you can take to prevent it from happening.
Eliminating arching hangups in hoppers
This short two-page PDF whitepaper first discusses how an arch develops within a hopper and then disusses strategies for effectively removing them.

This page is updated with new contributions from Diamondback Technology regularly.

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