Process Engineering: "Pump Systems Matter" initiative announced

The "Pump Systems Matter" initiative, led by the 33 Hydraulic Institute member pump companies, was officially announced at the National Market Transformation Symposium.

“Pump Systems Matter”™, the first industry-led market transformation initiative in the United States, was officially announced on March 15 at the National Market Transformation Symposium in Washington, DC.  The program, led by thirty-three Hydraulic Institute (HI) member pump manufacturing and leading supplier companies, will focus primarily on pump systems education and outreach, addressing energy savings opportunities, and total cost of pump ownership.   

The initiative, launched by HI in September 2004, was created to transform the market for pump systems and services to one based on system life cycle costs rather than equipment first costs.  DOE studies have shown that better system design and more effective application of pumps can usually save 20% or more in energy costs and represent a large, frequently overlooked savings opportunity.  With recent increases in energy costs, “Pump Systems Matter”™ will offer users valuable, bottom-line oriented energy savings opportunities. 

HI and its member companies envision a close working relationship with a variety of organizations in order to achieve optimum success and effectiveness.  Therefore, HI is seeking the active support and involvement of non-government organizations concerned with market transformation and energy-efficiency, utilities, user companies, consulting and engineering firms, state and federal agencies, and other interested associations.
To learn more about the “Pump Systems Matter”™ program and how to become a Charter Sponsor of this initiative, interested companies should contact HI Executive Director Robert Asdal at (973) 267-9700 X13 or  To learn more about the Hydraulic Institute, the largest association of pump producers in North America, visit or