Process Engineering: The Real Story of HSE

Fieldbus' high speed ethernet protocol technology is behind a trend of predictive modeling in the industry.

The real story of HSE, the network communication methodology created by the Fieldbus foundationTM. This powerful methodology is behind an increasing change in the industry.  With the increased focus on CAPEX, OPEX and other operational tools now joining with diagnostics asset managers and predictive modeling there is a defined need for top to bottom plant communication access.  HSE provides that portable window down into the health of the entire system exposing the data at up to 2 GB in high bandwidth applications, you can access FoundationTM fieldbus (H1) nodes and others in large or small span control systems. 

From the beginning FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus HSE (High Speed Ethernet) protocol technology was designed to enable multiple paths of communication as an integrated instrumentation backbone. Installations today, both on and offshore benefit from this smart high speed plant backbone design.  During 2004 FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus reached an unprecedented 500,000 device count worldwide, enabling production support teams to think strategically and act globally. HSE provides span of control and full functional visibility from the device to the control room, enabled, and supported using FoundationTM fieldbus technology.
The features of H1 and HSE move plant backbone integration into a proven, comprehensive solution setting the stage for 2005 and beyond. Foundation fieldbus HSE, as a protocol was designed from the beginning to provide access to H1 parameters and self diagnostics for individual devices and also serve as a total backbone with control and redundancy features. HSE and FF H1 data systems compatible with control integration standards create a homogeneousness performance based instrumentation backbone environment. HSE provides true multi-instrument integration enabled using unmodified (COTS) network switches for redundant open networks. Merging a legacy system instrumentation environment with FoundationTM fieldbus HSE and H1 technology integrates access to data. When you engage FoundationTM fieldbus features like predictive modeling capability, control in the field and diagnostics, your systems can connect to pre-existing plant network for data and use a truly open system to interface the plant architecture. Existing instrument busses use COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) technology over standard Ethernet. Foundation fieldbus HSE allows you to connect the pieces together.

The described technology is available today. Global installations are publicly announced employing Foundation fieldbus around the world in record numbers.
By specifying the strength and advantage of FoundationTM fieldbus H1 instrumentation bus and HSE – (Fiber supported) technology you can have it all today.

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