Special Report: Review Your Rupture Disc Regimen

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Many processes require a device to control or limit the pressure that can build up due to an upset, instrument or equipment failure, or fire. Pressure relief valves, backflow preventers and rupture disks provide this protection.

However, most chemical processing plants have processing units originally designed and built prior to the availability of current reverse acting disc designs. Rupture disc designs have evolved greatly in the past 80 years to satisfy the greater demands of OSHA for improved safety devices, the EPA to minimize potential fugitive emissions, and the needs of process industries to improve efficiency and mechanical integrity

This report sponsored by Continental Disc takes a look at how manufacturers are improving efficiency, performance and mechanical integrity.

Download this Continental Disc Special Report for insights and strategies including:

  • Standardize Rupture Disc Installations
  • Properly Protect Against Overpressure
  • More!

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