Powder eHandbook: Secure Solid Success

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The problem with solids is that sometimes they don’t want to move. This often results in solids settling out of slurries. Many believe that to monitor solids reliably, they must use an expensive technology. Another problem is dust. Being sure you stay on top of housekeeping is a must. Lucky for you, there are several techniques that can make solids stop behaving so badly.

To help you secure solid success, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Stop Struggling with Your Slurry -- Convert a settling solids suspension into a non-settling one.
  • Make Sense of Ultrasonic Sensors -- Understand the relationship among equipment, materials and environment when selecting the appropriate technology.
  • Consider an Industrial Central Vacuum System -- A fixed tubing network simplifies housekeeping, reduces equipment wear and eliminates trip hazards.
  • Save Time on Viscosity Measurements -- The cone plate method makes the most of small sample sizes.
  • Choose the Right Equipment -- Certain processing technologies can help increase a powder’s flow capabilities.

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