eHandbook: Target Pollution Control

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Regardless of politics and regulations, it’s in the best interest of industry to target pollution control. There are many reasons including corporate citizenship and the bottom line. Several chemical companies are harnessing carbon capture to boost production. By enhancing expertise in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies, a win-win for the climate and industry is close.

To help you target pollution control, we’ve put together another Chemical Processing eHandbook. It includes advice on:

EPA Eyes ‘Burdensome’ Rules -- White House aims to ensure rules are properly designed to meet their goals
Interest in Carbon Capture Intensifies -- New installations and technology development promise continuing progress
Rethink Carbon Capture -- Two much-less energy intensive processes target carbon dioxide emissions.
Projects Target Carbon Dioxide Emissions -- In one project, computer simulations tackle the amine chemical scrubber conundrum

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