Powder eHandbook: Make Solid Progress

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Are you looking for more information about solids processing operations? The practice of chemical engineering underpins chemical processing. Universities teach design methods for unit operations such as distillation and heat transfer. However, colleges seldom cover solids processing operations. If any discussion takes place, it only focuses on basic particle physics issues related to drag and turbulence. Yet, many processes require extensive handling of solids.

This Chemical Processing eHandbook takes a look at how chemicals manufacturers are meeting the challenges of solids processing head on. Download this Chemical Processing eHandbook for insights and strategies including:

• Solve Solids Processing Conundrums: Understand more about the unique issues posed by solids and why it is crucial for success.
• Measure Viscosity to Improve Your Mixing Process: Get tips on how to select the proper measuring instrument to better monitor your product quality.
• Make Some Sense of Sensors: Learn more about the variety of solutions that exist for flow level detection and inventory management.
• Consider Used Equipment: Get some guidelines to help you select the right pre-owned machine for an application.
• More!

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