Wastewater eHandbook: Avoid the Whirlpool

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Today’s global challenges — climate change, water scarcity, food provision, declining ecosystem services, human development, and the overall transition to a sustainable society and planet — require solutions of unprecedented scale. Public policy and behavior change will play a significant role in addressing these challenges. So, too, will business and technology. In the decades ahead, these challenges offer tremendous opportunity for organizations that can contribute to tackling them.

This Chemical Processing eHandbook takes a look at how chemicals manufacturers are meeting these challenges head on. Download this Chemical Processing eHandbook for insights and strategies including:

  • How organizations such as Dow, Solvay, Dupont and BP are adapting strategies for their water conservation efforts;
  • How a new purification process that’s carbon-negative and energy-positive can save energy;
  • Why sustainability metrics spur product development efforts to improve conservation efforts
  • More!

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