Powder eHandbook: Tame Your Pesky Powders

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A material’s characteristics – adhesiveness, cohesiveness, aeratibility, pressure-sensitivity – often change during processing and can cause both flow and hidden hazard challenges. And while poor flow is one of the most common problems encountered in handling or storing solids, dust control issues also need to be identified and addressed. This includes combustible dust as the repercussions can result in costly downtown and in some instances, explosions, serious injury and possibly even death. In this Chemical Processing Powder eHandbook, we take a look at strategies and solutions for taming pesky powder processing challenges including:

  • Defuse Dust Dangers - Carefully consider and then counter risks of fire and explosion
  • Clamp Down On Clumping - First understand what’s really causing the problem
  • What You Don’t Know About Powder Flow - Shear cells can quickly reveal information about flow behavior
  • Know Your Vacuum Pumps - Understand the differences between liquid ring and rotary screw dry pumps for distillation

Learn how to tame your pesky powder challenges. Download your copy of this Chemical Processing Powder eHandbook now.