Chemical Processing’s eHandbook: Energy Efficiency

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Rising fuel costs have a direct impact on a chemical processors’ bottom line. How can chemical processors reduce their energy consumption thus reducing their cost to produce? It’s believed that the chemical industry potentially can vastly decrease energy use AND greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the help of game-changing technology and strong support from policymakers. In this Chemical Processing Energy eHandbook, we take a look at global, and more local, technologies and strategies for improving energy efficiency at chemical plants including:

  • A roadmap that aims to catalyze better energy efficiency – learn about a international initiative that foresees catalytic processes playing a key role in cutting consumption and emissions
  • Saving energy by optimizing boiler loads
  • How the right emission control system can help meet compliance and reduce energy costs
  • Steam injection heating systems
Learn how improve your plants energy efficiency. Download your copy of this Chemical Processing Energy eHandbook now.