Rembe Targo-Vent Guides Explosion Pressure Relief

Rembe Targo-Vent is an opening angle limiter developed especially for Rembe Explosion Panels that guides the pressure relief specifically into areas in which there is no danger to the adjoining infrastructure. Targo-Vent absorbs the enormous repulsive forces of explosion energy and guides the flames and shock wave in the desired direction.

Explosion panels are often used in facilities where release of the explosion to the surrounding external area is possible. Explosion panels relieve the explosions by “bursting” at a predetermined pressure point. However, this type of traditional explosion pressure relief presents a big problem for many facility operators – extensive safety areas have to be set up around the relief area to protect people, equipment and the surrounding areas. These areas become unusable space.

With Targo-Vent, depending on the particular application or equipment, the flames and shock wave are reportedly diverted at a defined angle of approx. 30° to approx. 45° upwards or to the side so facility operators can minimize the safety areas around the vent opening. The usable area is increased.

The Targo-Vent’s top module is made in standard explosion panels sizes, so that it may be retrofitted on to existing Rembe Explosion Panels without a problem. Retrofits or building additions are protected by Targo-Vent without the need to significantly alter the explosion protection plan of the existing facility. Targo-Vent is attached directly to the Rembe Explosion Panels—an additional space-saver. There is no need for expensive baseplates or reinforcements. The system is made of stainless steel materials and, in combination with Rembe Explosion Panels, is type-tested in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 114) and authorized in accordance with(FSA13 ATEX1637).

Targovent applied IMG 0816
Product Type:
Over-pressure and explosion protection
Rembe Inc.