Rembe Expands Exkop Isolation System

Rembe’s enhanced Exkop isolation system is available for more applications including ST 2 dusts, reduced explosion pressures of up to 2 bar and larger diameters. The Exkop isolation system consists of a control panel and one or more quench valves. The integrated elastomer seal within the quench valve reportedly closes within a few milliseconds, triggered by a signal from a Rembe Explosion Panel, a Rembe Q-Rohr3, Rembe Q-Box II, an infra-red signal or pressure/ temperature sensors. The quench valve can safely be put back into operation again at the press of a button, according to the company. The Exkop system is reportedly easy to test/reset.

QV III closed DN 300 12 Studio 2015 01
Product Type:
Over-pressure and explosion protection
Rembe Inc.