Porvair Introduces Fluorofil Plus Filters

Porvair Filtration Group’s PTFE membrane filters are designed to resist repeated steam cycles at high temperatures. Durable Fluorofil Plus filter cartridges have been tested to withstand 250 steam sterilization cycles for one hour at temperatures of 142°C, according to the company. The cartridges can also withstand steaming in the reverse flow direction at 142°C.

Porvair advantages include a lower pressure drop and more robust performance in fermentation processes, according to the company. The filters can be steam sterilized, tested and used multiple times. Fluorofil filters  reportedly retain bacteria in both liquids and gases in accordance with stringent pharmaceutical industry standards and recommendations.

Applications for the Fluorofil range of filters include cell culture, compressed air, fine chemicals and solvents, pure water supply systems (WFI) and powder handling and tableting.


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