Fluke Introduces Ti450 Infrared Camera

The new Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera with MultiSharp Focus delivers images automatically focused throughout the field of view. MultiSharp Focus technology rapidly takes multiple images and combines them to produce one in-focus image. The focusing system enables users to capture an automated, focused image of multiple targets at once.

The Ti450 includes SuperResolution mode that increases effective image resolution to 640 x 480, a 2x and 4x digital zoom that enables users to zoom in on a small part of a target and LaserSharp Auto Focus that provides instant focus on a single target, using a built-in laser distance meter to accurately calculate and display the distance to the designated target.

The wireless Ti450 is part of Fluke Connect — a system of wireless test tools that communicate via the Fluke Connect app or Fluke Connect Assets software, a cloud-based solution that gathers measurements to provide a comprehensive view of critical equipment status. With Fluke Connect, infrared images can be uploaded from anywhere and combined with measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share comprehensive reports from the job site via email and collaborate in real time with other colleagues.

Reliability and Maintenance
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Data collection devices