Fluke Introduces ScopeMeter 120B Series Industrial Handheld Oscilloscope

The compact Fluke ScopeMeter 120B Series Industrial Handheld Oscilloscope features Connect-and-View technology that recognizes signal patterns and automatically sets up the scope’s triggering, amplitude and time base. Once the waveform is captured, the IntellaSet intelligent measurement detection automatically selects key measurements based on the acquired waveform type and displays the most relevant measurement values (for example, Vrms and Hz for a line voltage signal or Vpeak-peak and Hz for a square wave), helping technicians identify and characterize potential signal faults.

The 120B Series also features Event Capture function that captures and identifies intermittent events and lists all those events that exceed a predetermined threshold. This lets technicians identify key events quickly, rather than combing through large data sets, reading by reading.

The 120B Series can automatically record waveform data to the Fluke Connect app on smartphones. The measurements are then wirelessly uploaded to the cloud and can be combined with measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share reports from the job site via email and collaborate in real time with other colleagues.

The wireless 120B Series also allows technicians to place the meter in locations that are difficult to access or are potentially hazardous, then take measurements from a safe distance.

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