New Pig Introduces PIG Bladder Spill Containment Deck

New Pig introduced the PIG Bladder Spill Containment Deck to provide extra containment capacity to modular deck systems. Suited for waste collection and fluid dispensing areas, the low 5.75” deck surface keeps drums and containers at comfortable working levels. The integrated bladder box remains concealed when not needed, but quickly self-deploys to provide 55 gallons of additional containment in the event of a large spill.

The deck also features a patented “flow-through” sump design that allows liquid to pass freely from one sump to another – aiding in compliance with containment regulations without the added height of traditional secondary containment pallets. Exclusive bulkhead fittings and predrilled ports allow the deck to be connected to any PIG Poly Modular Spill Deck to increase storage and sump capacity.

Constructed from low-density polyethylene, the deck resists degradation from UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals. Textured grating adds traction to the top surface and lifts out for convenient access to the sump. Translucent white sidewalls allow easy visual inspection.

JanPR 2015
Environmental protection
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New Pig Corp.