Hands-Free Lighting System Provides More Visibility for Hazmat Responders

Ansell recently launched the Trellchem hands-free visor light system. The system offers Hazmat responders in encapsulating Trellchem suits a built-in hands-free LED lighting solution with a panoramic view and no risk of blinding reflections.

Trellchem encapsulating gas-tight suits are used by a variety of responders in emergency situations where the environment can be both dangerous and most often demanding in terms of access to daylight or any other light sources. Typical situations include visibility limited by smoke from the off-gassing of chemicals to the dark, non-lit space of an industrial building where lights are out.

The responder must also normally carry a wide range of tools to be able to complete the mission. A solution that offers hands-free operation of a light source may help improve the safety and efficiency for the entire response team.

This “short-throw” illumination system is based on an LED panel mounted along the top inside of the visor. It is connected to a standard 9-volt battery, giving the user an expected duration of more than one hour. The wide beam of the LED panel creates a panoramic view in poorly illuminated environments. It helps the responder with better orientation as well as safer and more rapid performance since it frees up both hands.

The design of the system helps reduce the risk of reflection back into the eyes of the user and mounts in both new and existing suits without the need of any special tools. The LED panel is powered by standard batteries to eliminate the need of any recharging management.

Product Type:
Personnel protective equipment