Device Isolates Explosion Pressure

Industrial processes can result in explosive dust/air mixtures in equipment such as dust collectors, mills and the like. If ignition sources cannot be eliminated due to process conditions, these systems must be equipped with explosion protection equipment such as venting and isolation devices. With the use of an isolation device, connected ductwork is decoupled or isolated from protected equipment so that flames and explosion pressure will not be conveyed into other areas.

The Rembe Q-FlapCompact II inlet isolation device series was designed to isolate explosions in most industries. The Q-FlapCompact II series is a fully ATEX approved, NFPA-compliant passive explosion protection device.

The device does not require actuation sensors. In the event of an explosion, the Q-FlapCompact II flap shuts tight from the force of the pressure wave. A locking mechanism or damper prevents the Q-FlapCompact II from flutter, keeping the explosion isolated from the rest of the process upstream. 

Product Type:
Over-pressure and explosion protection
Rembe Inc.