Insulation Reduces Need For Joint Sealant

Pittsburgh Corning has expanded its Foamglas One insulation product line with an 18 x 36 inch size, featuring thickness up to 7 inches. Designed to help customers decrease labor and overall installed costs, the new expanded size represents an increase of 50% over its current 24-inch insulation.

Suited for cold, cryogenic, petrochemical and chilled water applications, the new line of insulation reduces the amount of joint sealant required for installation. In addition, the new 18 x 36-inch product features an all-glass, closed-cell material that eliminates the possibility of moisture without requiring a protective jacket.

Impermeable Foamglas insulation offers high compressive strength and dimensional stability. It is also resistant to rotting, insects, vermin and acids, and will not support the growth of mold, fungi or microorganisms.