Control Booths Limit Impact Of Noise And Dirt

Tri-Mer introduces the Tri-Flow Environmental Control Booth, designed for plant areas where dirty or noisy tasks need to be confined to their own workspace. In addition to perforated acoustical panels that contain and absorb noise, the booth provides HEPA-level filtration performance, a MERV 16 rating, and 99.999% efficiency on particles 0.5 micron and larger by weight.

Tri-Flow Environmental Control Booths are suited for welding, plasma torch cutting, air arcing, sanding, grinding, chipping, and buffing, as well as powder coating, mixing and polishing applications. Designed to prevent air turbulence, hot spots, and drafts that can limit productivity, they use low-speed, low-noise direct drive blowers, and offer consistent capture velocities typically in the 125-150 FPM range.

A timer-controlled, automatic pulse jet cleaning system uses solenoid valves and blow-down pipes to measure filter pressure drop and automatically clean filters, which helps maintain capture velocity. The booths feature a smooth, ledge-free interior to minimize dust accumulation. To suit every application, booths are custom-configured and can be expanded as facility needs change. Overhead lighting is also available.

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