New Rotating Nozzle Handles Up To 20,000 PSI

NLB Corp. has launched two new Typhoon 10 series self-rotating tube cleaning nozzles for tubes with diameters of at least 0.75 inches. The RPN 2020 is rated for a maximum operating pressure of 20,000 psi and the RPN 1520 for up to 15,000 psi.

Both new models rotate at 7,000 rpm, with maximum flow of 20 gpm. Both feature the latest NLB seal design that was designed to reduce leakage by 50%.

The Typhoon series now includes seven self-rotating nozzles, for tube diameters from 0.625 inches to 50 inches. Pressures range from 15,000 psi to 24,000 psi and flows from 9 gpm to 60 gpm.

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