Toxic Gas Detector Monitors Small Hydrogen Leaks

General Monitors has launched a new intelligent hydrogen gas detector that can monitor small hydrogen leaks for a variety of industrial and commercial environments. The TS4000H intelligent hydrogen gas detector from General Monitors detects hydrogen at 0 to 500 ppm levels.

The TS4000H gas detector continuously monitors for hydrogen. It features a precision electrochemical hydrogen sensor that has a T90 response of under 30 seconds and minimal zero shift across its operating environmental conditions. In addition, is unaffected by short-term (≤ 2.5 min) exposure to hydrogen concentrations up to 50% LEL. 
The TS4000H detector features 4-20 mA output, 8-amp relays, HART or Modbus communication and a three-digit LED display that displays gas concentrations in ppm. The system also displays fault codes for troubleshooting and provides complete status to the control room. 

All of the electronics are contained within an explosion-proof housing so that gas sensor information can be processed at the sensor site.  The gas sensor may be remote mounted up to 2,000 feet (610 meters) away from the electronics.

Product Type:
Environmental Safety
General Monitors