Video Offers Training For Hazardous Waste Handling

With more than 80,000 known chemicals in existence today, it is critical to be trained to properly handle potentially dangerous substances. To minimize human and environmental exposure to hazardous waste, the EPA has developed a comprehensive set of regulations workers must follow.  Summit Solution's new video/DVD training program "Hazardous Waste: Containing the Dangers" teaches necessary safety practices for workers to ensure compliance and the well-being of all employees and the surrounding community and environment.  
Filmed onsite with real workers, this training program gives safety professionals the option of incorporating test questions into the video presentation to go along with each section. This helps engage employees in the training to ensure retention of important safety practices. 
The program covers hazardous waste determination, central storage areas, satellite accumulation areas and universal waste. This program is available in streaming video, DVD and VHS formats. It's also available in Spanish.
Product Type:
Environmental Safety
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