Work-Process Management System Features Validated System Support

GE Intelligent Platforms has released the latest version of its Proficy Workflow work-process management solution. This new software features validated system support capabilities designed to allow companies to create a more secure and regulatory compliant environment, ultimately saving time and reducing cost.

Electronic signatures allow creation of a more secure environment by requiring that operators electronically sign for data-entry changes. An audit trail is necessary for regulatory compliance and allows users to track not only what occurred but when it occurred, and who was responsible for the occurrence. While mandated in highly regulated industries such as life sciences and food and beverage, this technology is designed to reduce risk and optimize production in all operations environments.

Validated system support is accomplished through eSignature for auditable data. Electronic signatures uniquely identify the operator making the change and can optionally require the electronic signature of another person to verify the change by providing a method of recording actions that have been performed within the Proficy Workflow system. In addition to audit trails, Proficy Workflow now includes the ability to generate audit reports for the topics configured for auditing, as well as reports on the electronic signatures performed in workflows.

Proficy Workflow 1.5 also features 64-bit support and improved scalability. The ISA-95 model additions allow users to manage inventory with materials in lots and sublots. New service method activities permit creating, incrementing, decrementing, querying, reading and closing lots and sublots. The ISA-95 model additions also offer new resource utilization feedback for business reporting, material planning and process optimization. Version 1.5 features comprehensive response models for reporting resources used/consumed and allows recording of actual people, equipment and materials used during a process.