Flame Detectors Available With HART Communications Protocol

The FL3100H UV/IR and FL3101H UV Flame Detectors from General Monitors are now compatible with the HART communication protocol. The FL3100H and FL3101H flame detectors are designed to detect fires over a wide field of view and provide alarm outputs directly from the detector while maintaining false alarm immunity.

HART is a field-proven instrumentation communications protocol that is easy to use and provides uniform and consistent communication without disturbing the integrity of the 4-20 mA analog signal.  In addition to the process variable, the HART protocol permits access to device configuration, diagnostics, as well as maintenance and alarm records.  As a result, a whole host of additional information related to plant operation is available to the control room through HART.  Unlike other digital communication protocols, HART is backwards compatible with the installed base of instrumentation in use today.

The Model FL3100H detects fires by monitoring in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectral ranges, making it highly immune to false alarms caused by lightning, arc welding, hot objects and other sources of radiation.  The Model FL3101H monitors only the ultraviolet (UV) spectral range for optimized speed of response.  Both devices feature continuous optical path monitoring (COPM), which ensures the FL3100H Series offers exceptional fire protection.

Product Type:
Fire protection
General Monitors