Dry-Block Calibrator Featrues DLC System

AMETEK Calibration Instruments recently introduced the JOFRA® RTC-156, its most advanced dry-block reference temperature calibrator to date.

With a host of innovative features and AMETEK’s long history of providing reliable, low-drift calibration instruments, the JOFRA RTC-156 sets a new standard for reference temperature calibrators worldwide. 

Among the features of new RTC-156 is a patent-pending Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) system for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert no matter the number or size of the sensors immersed.  It also offers unique intelligent sensors for plug ‘n’ play connectivity, an easy-to-read full-color VGA display, and a USB connection for improved communications and software downloads.

The RTC-156 performs calibrations over a very wide range of temperatures from -30oC up to 155oC (-22 to 311oF).  Heating and cooling speeds also have been increased 20% versus comparable calibrators.

Three models are available:  RTC-A reference temperature calibrator, RTC-B reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensors-under-test, and RTC-C reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor and DLC sensor.  AMETEK JOFRACAL proprietary software package comes standard on all models.

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Ametek Calibration Instruments