Machinery Anaylzer Can Capture Six Recordings On Two Channels

Commtest Instruments Ltd.’s vb8 machinery analyzer is a four-channel vibration analyzer and balancer. The instrument features Commtest’s patented 6Pack technology, which enables reliability professionals to acquire six recordings each on two channels simultaneously with a plethora of asset condition information within seconds, according to the company.

The analyzer has preset measure-mode diagnostic features including cross-channel phase, bump test, bode plots, long time waveform, etc. Also, it is capable of fast route data collection application with the four channels that can be simultaneously acquired with this instrument.  The analyzer can acquire 12,800 lines of resolution, has 1GB memory, a memory-stick port for data transfer alternative, triax enabled, has greater than 95dB of dynamic range, 40 kHz Fmax and, as is standard with all of Commtest’s family of vbSeries Analyzers, is C1D2 certified.

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Commtest Instruments Ltd.