Vibration Analysis Toolkit Imports Measurement Data and Provides Tools for Analyzing the Measurements

Datastick Systems announces its Datastick Advanced Analysis and Reporting Toolkit, or DAART PC software. The DAART PC software imports measurement data that has been collected by VSAs or other data collectors that can provide csv-delimited, tab-delimited or Excel files — and provides tools for analyzing those measurements.

Vibration analysts are able to see impact pulses within bearing noise more clearly with the Datastick PulseDomain tool, which uses Datastick's refined demodulation technology. Datastick's Sharpener technology shows accurate frequency-domain infor-mation in any FFT, PulseDomain or Cepstrum graph.

Additional capabilities of DAART software include the ability to:

  • import information from almost any bearing database, including one provided by Datastick
  • easily transform data back and forth between time-domain and velocity, displacement or acceleration FFT waveforms
  • convert any waveform to a .WAV audio file so that analysts can listen to the sound of any bearing

In addition, two metrics show high-energy areas of the spectrum superior to Crest Factor, the most commonly used tool for this purpose. Datastick Peaking shows the energy in the peak component of the vibration waveform, and Datastick Impact Factor shows periodic bursts of energy.