SaaS Solution Enables Supply Chain Communication and Substance Inventory

Actio, in partnership with Atrion International, announces the availability of REACHtracker, a SaaS solution for managing supply chain communication and substance inventory for pre-registration and registration obligations under Europe’s REACH legislation. REACHtracker enables companies to initiate supply chain cooperation by leveraging structured e-mail communications and secure on-line questionnaires that facilitate the otherwise complex, time-consuming process of gathering and managing supplier substance registration intentions — the critical first step towards REACH compliance.

REACHtracker enables companies to build email campaigns that direct suppliers to enter substance information and declare their REACH registration intentions via a secure on-line questionnaire that links directly into a substance information management database. The progress of each supplier can be tracked and follow-up e-mail campaigns can be conducted for non-responsive suppliers. REACHtracker also provides a dashboard to manage supplier contact information, as well as sophisticated parametric reporting tools that enable data to be rolled up into an unlimited number of custom reports. Once all substance information is collected, REACHtracker automatically generates and uploads pre-registration XML files.

REACHtracker fully supports Verisign’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure security of data flow throughout the supply chain. The solution is also fully integrated with Actio’s Chemical Management Solutions enabling the automatic pre-screening and authorization of new chemicals, (M)SDS management, inventory tracking using ERP systems, storage and dissemination of raw material information.

Product Type:
Environmental Safety