Energy and Emissions Management and Analytics Platform Offers Carbon Management and Data Tracking Capabilities

Ecolink is an energy and carbon analytics platform housed within Pace’s Energy ZoneSM systems suite that allows clients to:

  • Calculate and project their direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories
  • Track their facility level energy and environmental sustainability footprint
  • Assess and manage facility and aggregate production metrics
  • Capture, evaluate, and manage energy and emission reduction projects as well as carbon instrument (offsets) origination and procurement
  • Track and promulgate “Best Practices” throughout the organization
  • Report GHG inventories in accordance with internationally accepted protocols

A forward-thinking tool and the market’s first fully integrated energy and emissions management and analytics platform, ecolink is the synthesis of decades of energy management and applied emissions expertise. The platform is the cornerstone of Pace’s integrated carbon management strategic services.

As business managers know, information is the key to effective decision-making and execution. Ecolink efficiently organizes and provides line of sight to core data such as energy costs and volumes, emission rates and production, facility process and production information, environmental effluents and outputs, as well as project and practice information all within a user-friendly and customized structure.

Beyond its carbon management and data tracking capabilities, ecolink allows clients to comprehend their GHG Inventory in a whole new way. Near real-time data and data granularity allows decision-makers to proactively manage their energy and carbon footprint, not just report it. Flexibility allows the platform to adapt to our clients’ organizational structure, geographic locations, and other specific needs. For clients whose needs range from simple GHG Inventory determination to a fully integrated Energy and Carbon Management Program, ecolink is a scalable and secure web-based platform that provides access to critical information anywhere at anytime.

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