Glass Jar Inspection System Offers Four X-rays Beams to Maximizes Coverage and Probability of Detection

Mettler-Toledo Safeline presents the GlassChek x-ray inspection system — a detection system for monitoring high-risk products in glass jars. The GlassChek offers fast and reliable detection of foreign bodies such as glass, metal and stone for guaranteed product quality and safety. It simultaneously scans jars using one vertical and three horizontal x-rays beams. This maximizes coverage and probability of detection within the jar by reducing blind spots in the base, sidewalls and neck. Multiple inspection settings can be stored on a single system, ensuring optimum detection regardless of the jar's size or shape. The GlassChek is effective for wide neck jars and even detects shards of glass, as the four beams cover many possible orientations of placement. No manual realignment of the beams is required, leading to increased line efficiencies. 

Product menus on the GlassChek can be set up or adjusted by line operators without the involvement of an engineer. The system can also measure the product fill level in a jar and an optional bar code reader facilitates automatic product changeover for increased throughput. Its variable speed scanning capabilities allow the machine's speed to be changed according to the customer's production line speed.

The GlassChek complies with strict industry hygiene standards and is easy to clean and maintain. A sign-in and event log system can record all activity on a database. This provides full traceability of any changes made and identifies the user who made them. The system uses minimal power and, since only low heat is generated, there is no need for external water cooling.