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It is expected that within the next two to five years a large portion of our workforce will be retiring. Many organizations are facing the loss of knowledge that comes with workers retiring. In many cases, this “knowledge” is not documented. It resides only in the heads of those performing the maintenance tasks.  So, once they leave, the knowledge goes with them.

Trico now offers an alternative solution to address this developing issue. Trico On Demand is a members only resource for organizations to go to for solutions “On Demand.” Organizations can have someone to talk to regarding the most challenging problems and receive assistance with troubleshooting and root cause analysis. Instead of being left to solve the problems with internal resources only, Trico will offer an added level of expertise.

Trico's service personnel have years of plant maintenance and reliability experience. Numerous companies around the world have benefited from Trico's valued approach to lubrication and reliability.

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