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Emerson’s Integrated Operations Initiative Focuses on Streamlining Decision-Making

By Chemical Processing staff

Feb 05, 2014

Emerson Process Management has launched an Integrated Operations Initiative to addresses customers’ needs for streamlined decision-making, easily accessible expertise and the safe, collaborative collocation of essential personnel. 

“Running safe, profitable production operations is becoming increasingly challenging in the locations our customers are working in,” said Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer of Emerson Process Management. “These locations are sometimes referred to as the Four D’s:  dull, distant, dirty and dangerous. These are often places few people want to go. The cost and scarcity of skilled workers just compounds their challenges.”

To overcome these challenges and improve operational effectiveness, manufacturers are turning to a new model called Integrated Operations (iOps). While implementations vary, key ingredients include: co-location of cross-functional teams in more desirable locales, collaboration tools such as video conferencing and other applications, real-time access to process and asset data and streamlined decision making workflows. 

To accelerate the potential industry benefits of iOps, Emerson has developed three offerings in its Integrated Operations Initiative, which include scalable automation architecture, a real-world lab to experience integrated operations and consulting services to help customers envision, plan and execute their own iOps strategy.

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