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ABB Measurement Products Launches New Gas Stack Flow Metering System

By Chemical Processing staff

Jan 13, 2014

ABB Measurement Products announces the introduction of a new stack gas flow metering system for the North American market. The StackFlowMaster gas metering system usesTorbar averaging pitot tube flow meter technology

ABB0113StackFlowMaster couples this system with a new display and control interface that offers the option of performing zero and span checks without manual intervention or any additional equipment. In addition, the system can automatically purge the flow meter to prevent the build-up of solid contamination that may affect the flow readings.

In North America, the FDP580 StackFlowMaster range improves upon the previous ABB SG2000 stack gas purging system, with reduced size and weight plus expanded features and benefits. It includes two products:

  • FPD581 is a metering probe with optional integral components that include an RTD temperature element, five-valve manifold, multivariable transmitter and purging ports. This system suits applications that do not require a purging system.
  • FPD585 adds a new interface unit that offers users the options of manual/automatic purging and manual/automatic zero and span checks. Also included are data logging and storage via an SD card interface.

The Torbar averaging pitot tube is available with flanged stack connection and offers a metering solution with very low pressure loss characteristics. It can be supplied with an ABB automatic gas analysis system.

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