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PAS to Celebrate 20th Anniversary at 2014 PAS Technology Conference

By Chemical Processing staff

Dec 26, 2013

PAS will celebrate its 20th anniversary at its 2014 PAS Technology Conference (PTC) in Houston from May 19 to May 21.  

The PAS Technology Conference focuses on improving safety, reliability, and profitability of industrial operations through advanced situation awareness and critical decision support. It will explore the impact of advancements in information and automation technologies on the relationship between human operators and production infrastructure over the last two decades.

Experts, clients and partners from around the world will convene to discuss strategies for improving plant safety, reliability and profitability through emerging technologies that enhance human reliability.  Conference tracks will include high performance human-machine interfaces, automation asset management, alarm management, cyber security, operations effectiveness, knowledge retention, control loop performance management, and real-time decision support.

The conference will be a forum for open dialogue, meeting industry peers and gaining insights to emerging technology trends.

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