Environmental Health & Safety

ETAP Launches Subscription-Based Arc Flash Analysis Package

By Chemical Processing staff

Nov 07, 2013

ETAP announces the availability of its first subscription-based electrical engineering package, ETAP Power-AF. The package is dedicated for the assessment of arc flash hazards and arc flash incident analysis.

ETAP Power-AF delivers the same analysis capabilities of ETAP’s arc flash package, but makes it available at a yearly subscription rate that is 75 percent less than its conventionally licensed software. By simulating and evaluating various arc flash mitigation methods, ETAP Power-AF identifies and analyzes high-risk arc flash areas in an electrical power system. It solves multiple scenarios to determine worst-case arc flash energy levels, and also produces professional reports and high quality arc flash safety labels at a press of a button.

For more information, visit www.ETAP.com/PowerAF