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Emerson Wins 2013 exida Safety Award

By Chemical Processing staff

Nov 21, 2013

Emerson received the 2013 Safety Award by exida for its DeltaV safety instrumented system (SIS). exida recognized the DeltaV safety instrumented system with its safety award for the logic solvers category, citing the system’s electronic marshalling and CHARMs technologies.

exida is a certification body and serves on the international committees that write safety standards.

"The DeltaV SIS architecture is what I would call a hybrid," said William Goble, exida principal partner. "It combines the best attributes of many different architectures into one. Also, its flexible design gives users all the different I/O types they need, and allows them to pick levels of redundancy and safety so they can make tradeoffs between costs and the essential parameters of availability and safety."

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