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Rockwell Releases Virtual Image Templates For PlantPAx

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 21, 2012

Rockwell Automation has launched virtual image templates for the PlantPAx process automation system, including a system server, operator workstation and engineering workstation. These preconfigured, drop-in templates, delivered as images on a USB hard drive, can help reduce validation costs and initial engineering time.

Installing a complete process automation system traditionally takes several days. A virtual image of each component, however, can be deployed in two to three hours. Once deployed, the components can be duplicated in minutes.

The templates operate in an open virtual-format file, officially supported by VMWare vSphere. The three core elements Process Automation System Server (PASS), Operator Workstation and Engineering Workstation. PASS provides central name resolution and look-up services across multiple computers for central administration of data throughout the PlantPAx process automation system. The PASS also provides data, HMI and alarm-server capability.

Operator Workstation consists of the software needed for visualizing and controlling the process. Engineering Workstation includes all the necessary software to fully configure the control and visualization components of the PlantPAx process automation system.