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Rockwell Automation's PlantPAx Registered As Foundation Fieldbus Host

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 04, 2012

Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx process automation system is now registered as a Foundation Fieldbus integrated host system. The PlantPAx system with EtherNet/IP and ControlNet network connectivity passed tests for “61b,” the Fieldbus Foundation’s most demanding host profile.

Host profile 61b helps ensure interoperability among multivendor environments, making it easier for users to configure and maintain fieldbus devices.

The Fieldbus Foundation created its Host Registration Program to benefit both end users and automation suppliers by establishing standards in the multivendor Foundation Fieldbus environment.

To register under process 61b, the Fieldbus Foundation requires mandatory host features that include  block installation, multiple capability levels, enhanced function block, profiled custom function blocks, configuration of scheduled control function blocks and DD V5.1 device-level access.

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