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Rockwell Automation’s Latest PlantPax Release Extends Scalability

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 08, 2012

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries can more easily deploy, operate and maintain operations using the PlantPax process automation system from Rockwell Automation. With its latest release, Rockwell Automation extends the scalability of its system, enabling operators to focus on the process for improved productivity and safety.

 It also delivers new tools for engineers to streamline project implementation. The new release combines plantwide control technologies and scalability of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system. With the PlantPax system, users can integrate process control, power, information and safety into one infrastructure for reduced total cost of ownership.

Rockwell Automation has launched production-grade virtual image templates so users can quickly deploy preinstalled system servers, operator workstations and engineering workstations on their virtualization infrastructure. These templates take the time required to install, update and activate a new system down to a few minutes.

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