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Hach Company Launches Online Water Data Management System

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 27, 2012

Hach Co. has begun offering an online version of its Water Information Management Solution (WIMS) data management software.

WIMS Online offers users all of the attributes of Hach WIMS but enables access over the Internet from any Windows Mobile device, tablet or PC. With WIMS Online, customers only pay for the level of support that is required for their facilities. It also provides remote access and the ability to share information with interested parties and a monthly subscription service.

With the new monthly services contract customers can spread payments out with a low down payment and monthly fees, according to Hach.

Users of Hach WIMS Online continue to own their own data as they have in previous versions of Hach WIMS, but Hach manages that data for the users decreasing the overall burden on the customer and the amount of time and resources needed to support data management and the facility, Hach says.

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