Reliability & Maintenance

Emerson Expands Asset Support In AMS Suite

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 15, 2012

Emerson Process Management has expanded asset support in the AMS suite predictive maintenance software application. The system was designed to provide users with a more comprehensive asset management application.

Connectivity was established to PROFIBUS PA devices, which expands the list of assets users can integrate into AMS Suite to enable a consistent maintenance approach. In addition, AMS suite now supports both Electronic Device Description Language and FDT/DTM to provide users with a single application to support the full capabilities of all their devices.

The addition of PROFIBUS PA provides a complete PROFIBUS solution with the DeltaV control system, corresponding to capability already available for PROFIBUS DP devices in DeltaV. PROFIBUS DP and PA support on third-party hosts is also available via the Softing FG PROFIBUS family of interfaces.

Users can launch HART and Foundation fieldbus Device Type Managers (DTMs) via the DTM Launcher application, provided as a standard part of AMS Device Manager. Support for DTMs is the first step in providing Field Device Integration (FDI)-compliant products within AMS Suite. FDI is the convergence of field device management options into a unified standard to give users a single common solution for managing information for field devices.