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  • eHandbook: Deftly Deal With Dangerous Dust

    Controlling toxic and combustible dust is a common yet serious challenge in chemical processing. Everyday operations like mixing, drying, conveying and blending create dangerous dusts that can become airborne, endanger air quality and pose fire and explosi

  • eHandbook: Stop Snafus With Solids

    Powders and solids can pose a wide variety of problems, from not dispensing properly to not mixing as intended. Properly storing, moving and blending these materials can be crucial for efficient plant operations. To stop solids snafus, Chemical Process

  • eHandbook: Solidify Your Understanding Of Solids

    Unless the particularities of a material’s flow properties are properly taken into account in equipment selection and operation, powders can pose a wide variety of problems. To help you grasp powders and solids, Chemical Processing has put toget

  • eHandbook: Master Your Mixing

    Effectively contacting materials is crucial for operations ranging from solids suspension to gas dispersion and from reacting raw materials to compounding finished ingredients. The wide variety of mixer types — dynamic and static, as well as in-tank and

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