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  • eHandbook: Put Powder Processing On Solid Footing

    Dry mixing plays an important role in many processes. The wide variety of mixer types — dynamic and static, as well as in-tank and in-line — and the design options for the mixers and vessels can make selecting the right unit tough. To ensure you’re o

  • eHandbook: Deter Dangers From Dust

    Combustible dust fire and explosion hazards continue to challenge process safety practices throughout industries that store, handle or use combustible particulate solids. To help realize sound ideas and solutions to eliminate fire and explosion threats fro

  • eHandbook: Preempt Powder Problems

    From moving materials to managing risks, so many things can go wrong where dust is concerned. Seemingly benign, dusts create an assortment of hazards that include flying particles that can lead to eye injury, slip hazards and ergonomic injuries. The most s

  • Tackling Vacuum Challenges in Research and Production

    Author: Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

    Often, due to compression dynamics in multi-staged vacuum-pressure systems there is a mismatch of capacities between the vacuum and compressor pumps (with vacuum pumps having a much larger nominal pumping speed than the compressors). In this first case stu

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